Dramatic Events

From a different book this time; this is my historical epic whose working title is "A Romp In Rome". The following scene is (IMO) quite a good piece of writing, however it does nothing for the story at all.

The fight was everything it needed to be. Hin was convincing as the game and robust amateur, Talos the proud, relaxed and experienced old-hand. They struck a pleasing contrast, in both stance, stature, style and movement; indeed, if you took the point of view of someone standing at the main doorway, so that you could see them framed in tableau, you would see the blocky shape of Hin, always moving, always a little too slow, but absorbing all the punishment that Talos could throw at him; Talos standing tall and largely still; moving to dodge or to make a swift and carefully judged attack.

The crowd could see that Talos underestimated Hin early on, and Hin, after a couple of wild swings, landed a blow that was a great deal more forceful than Talos expected. They realised that if Hin was lucky again, he had the strength to bring Talos down.

In return, Talos stepped up a level, began moving faster, anticipating earlier, as one who had recognised a threat. At this point Hin stifled a smile, feeling a sudden warmth towards the old campaigner - he was a true showman. There was only one thinng Hin liked better for a good performance than a responsive audience, and that was a generous co-star.

Talos landed a series of one-twos that, to the crowd, were quick and well timed; Hin absorbed them like one who is used to taking punishment and takes it to his advantage; Talos let a couple of low shots through to his ribs, and those in the crowd positioned to see the blows landing howled their raised bets on Hin, then screamed indignation as a well timed hook sent him down on one hand.

As he rose Talos tried to follow it up with another big hook, but was caught out by a wily thrust to his bicep, that was followed by a crossing jab that glanced off his chin. Hin caught sight of the tinyest flash of a grin, and there followed a furious exhange of punches, most of which glanced of shoulders, hands or forearms, but the sudden display of energetic aggression wound the crowd into a frenzy, and Talos got careless, enjoying the attention. Hin caught him out with a wild, but very heavy left hook to the cheek, and Talos staggered back, too slow to avoid the right uppercut, powered by Hin's legs and back, that caught Talos just below the sternum, and sent him tumbling out of the ring.

After a minute or so, the crowd began to settle, and amid cheers, Talos was helped back into the ring, where Hin was declared victor, and Talos promised noisily that if every Hin wanted another try, that he wouldn't be so lucky again. Hin almost laughed aloud.

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