Controlling your Web-Rep

KalaThe indie e-book market is about web promotion. Keeping your visibility high, by blogging, tweeting, getting blogged about, getting tweeted about, blogging about tweets, tweeting about blogs, FB-ing blogs about tweets about tweets about ... you get it. I get you get it.

Authors, and those, like me, providing services to authors, need to keep a hand on their web-rep. Anyone who is interested in you is going to Google you. As an author, they want to know more about you, because they're curious ...  or ... creepy. As an editor, authors want some bona fides - they want to know you aren't a scam.

I added a new page to my commercial website. I call the page Harry Dewulf on the web, and I've put links on it to sites that you might find if you Google me. This is partly because I think it is a good idea. It's partly because I found out this morning that way back in march I got another letter published in my favourite periodical, New Scientist. You can go read it here.

p.s. I really love M.I.A. right now.

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