Free Live Book Mentoring

Rex Jameson's inspiring little tirade on KB has convinced me that I should dust this idea off and get on with doing it.

One of the parts of my job that I most enjoy is discussing (usually via Skype) with my authors their ideas for their next work. (I habitually do this at no extra cost.) In the last 6 months I have had discussions with a couple of writers via email who were just seeking advice, or a sounding board, for their next books. I try to provide as much help as I can, free.

So, I'm now offering initially 4 hours a month of free book mentoring. This will be in two individual sessions (for the same author or two different authors), via Skype.

The principle is that you tell me about your book, and we go from there.

It's of direct benefit to me as it exposes me to more of what writers are currently working on (so I can keep up with the zeitgeist), and as I said above, I enjoy it. It is of direct benefit to you if you are a writer (or are working to become one, like the rest of us), as you get advice and (yes) opinion from a full time literary editor.

Contact me via my email that you can find on my website or message me via Kindle Boards.

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