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Jerry Ballarotto has released his new book, Worthy of Trust and Confidence

This is a book that delivers on its promise, while keeping you guessing. Jerry has an eye for detail, and an appreciation of people, that sometimes catches you out. I don't really want to say too much about it because I don't want to spoil the pleasure of discovery for the reader, so I'm going to keep to a very generic observation that comes from my rather particular world view:

This is an old school spies 'n' gangsters period thriller, and if you love the 1960's Bond, you'll enjoy it. What sets it apart for me is that unlike Bond, Jerry is not a "misogynist dinosaur". He's an insider who is also an outsider, and his observation of people is intimate and detailed, but non-judgemental. Even the Big Bad comes across as (almost uniquely for this particular Big Bad in this particular genre) human.

I also ought to shout out loud for Laurie Skemp who copy edited this book. Jerry has a strong and distinctive style, and her careful and attentive work really makes it sing.

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