Just finished editing: The Downtown Deal by Mike Dennis

Another dose of Vegas Noir from a writer who isn't far off being a great writer. What I love about Mike's work is his sensitivity; his characters have an emotional depth that is typically missing from thrillers and detective fiction, and is almost characteristically absent in Noir. If you like this sort of thing, Man Slaughter is a true gem, go read it now.

The Downtown Deal follows on from Temptation Town and Hard Cash, and continues to follow the, ahem, fortunes of ex-PI Jack Barnett.

Working for Mike is always a pleasure, not just because his books appeal to my personal taste, but also because he always gives me an intellectual challenge. The Downtown Deal will give you some thinking to do, and you will have to pay attention to follow the details of the "deal" in question, but doing so is very rewarding indeed.

I started work yesterday on TBA (it has a working title but I don't normally reveal those) by new author Jarmila Zaricka.

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